Quanzhou Taisen Crafts Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, based on the laterite handicraft industry in Quanzhou, The company's main business: ceramic crafts; sales, design: ceramic crafts, resin crafts, glass crafts, iron crafts, wooden crafts, cloth crafts, cement crafts, plastic crafts, bamboo crafts, stone products, electronic products, atomizer, solar lamps. Tison adheres to the concept of "quality first, innovation" and the purpose of "providing the best service for customers", and continues to grow.

It has a complete embryo production, color painting processing system and independent R & D team. So far, PENGYUAN has tens of thousands of products including independent R & D and customer customization. The products have been exported to Britain, Germany, the United States, Australia, France and other countries, and are deeply loved by overseas guests.

Tison has achieved a good circulation relationship with partner clients with product innovation and uniqueness, excellent quality and efficient service. It is gradually entering the industrial perspective and will continue to develop and progress in the future.



Introduction and classification of resin crafts

Introduction and classification of resin crafts

Resin handicraft refers to practical and artistic articles (such as sporadic ornaments) which are made by hand. In terms of raw materials, small resin handicraft is made according to the resin brand and the proportion of resin. The general raw materials are: fixed resin, stone powder or any other antique materials, such as imitation marble products, which can be made of resin brand and marble powder. The general raw materials of large-scale resin crafts are: resin, stone powder, color paste and hollow can be filled with resin waste, while large-scale resin products are generally filled with resin waste.

Related technology and application of resin crafts

Related technology and application of resin crafts

Resin handicrafts are made of resin as the main raw material by mold casting. They can be made into various beautiful and lifelike figures, animals, kunniao, landscape bonsai, relief, etc., and can be made into imitation copper, imitation silver, imitation gold, imitation glass, gilding, imitation crystal, imitation agate, imitation Jadeite, imitation bone carving, imitation sandstone, imitation white marble, imitation jade, imitation ivory, imitation marble, imitation stone Mahogany, imitation pottery, imitation wood and other effects of simulation carving resin crafts.

What is resin handicraft

What is resin handicraft

Resin handicrafts are made of resin as the main raw material, through mold casting molding, to make a variety of beautiful and vivid figures, animals, kunniao, mountains and rivers, and can be made into a variety of simulation effects. Such as: imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation crystal, imitation agate, imitation marble, imitation white marble, imitation mahogany and other resin crafts.

Production of resin crafts

Production of resin crafts

According to the size of the mold and the quantity of the product, the unsaturated resin is weighed out and poured into the seasoning barrel, and then the curing agent is added according to the proportion of (accelerator). First, the curing agent is added into the unsaturated resin, which is fully stirred, and then the accelerator is added Stir, fully mix, add dilution, (also stir) and then add material according to the required color. (the amount of pigment can be added or subtracted according to different varieties until it reaches the required level, generally large amount of pigment can be used). When adding pigment, remove the pigment with resin, stir it inside, pour it into the material barrel after uniformity, and then fully stir it. The bottom material is stirred Add after mixing, add with mixing, until the required degree. (the prepared mixture slurry should be viscous, so that it can flow slowly when it falls down)



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